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2018 Scholarships

ProAg of Renville County Announces the 2018 Scholarship’s

ProAg is honored to announce Meghan Beckendorf of Renville as the recipient of the 2018 Agriculture Future of America Leader and Academic Scholarship.

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$4,200 AFA Scholarship:    Meghan Beckendorf  -  Renville County West
$1,000 Jonathan Roker Memorial: Samuel Marks - BOLD
$1,000 County Scholarship: Katie Filzen - RCW

$500 Scholarships were awarded to:

BLHS: Anna Bublotz
            Cody Walstrom
            Hunter McFall
            Samual Pettis
            Stefan Johnson
BOLD: Emily Sheehan
            Miranda Johnson

Cedar Mountain: Erica Bock
                              Joshua Wolling
GFW:  No eligible applicants

RCW:  Emma Rice
            Sarah Hoff
           Tony Froland

RV: No eligible applicants

YME: No eligible applicants

ProAg of Renville County is happy to announce the 2018 scholarship opportunities for Renville County
high school seniors. These scholarships are being made available by ProAg of Renville County, The Ag Renewable Energy Committee of the Renville County Housing and Economic Development Authority and the generous donations to the Renville County All Ag Celebration.

On behalf of the  “All Ag Celebration,” and Ag Renewable Committee, ProAg is administrating the scholarship program. The program is offering 2 scholarships per school to Renville County residents, county wide scholarships as well as the AFA Scholarship. ProAg also administers the Jonathan Roker Memorial Scholarship which is available to students who attend BLHS, BOLD, Cedar Mountain, GFW, RCW, Redwood Area, YME but they need not be a resident of Renville County.

The applications are due March 14,  2018 for all scholarships.
There is one application for the three ProAg administered scholarships.

2018 Scholarship Application

1 - The scholarships per school requirements:
~ Two $250 to $500 scholarships per school. More than two scholarships may be awarded to any school if funding is
    BLHS, BOLD, Cedar Mountain, GFW, RCW, Redwood Area, YME,
    Students who live in Renville County and attending another High School or are a Home Schooled resident of Renville County will also receive consideration.
~ Renville County resident
~ Plan to attend College (2 or 4 yr Schools)
~ Open to any student regardless of career choice
~ Preference may be given to applicants pursuing an education in agriculture or related field

2 - County Wide Scholarships
~ One or two  $  500 or $1,000 scholarship
~ Renville County resident regardless of school attended (includes home schooled)
~ Plan to attend College (2 or 4 yr Schools)
~ Preference to those who plan to pursue Ag Related Careers but open to all students regardless of career choice
3 -  Jonathan Roker Memorial Scholarship
~  The Jonathan Roker Memorial Scholarship was originally provided and funded by the Bird Island – Lake Lillian Class of 1979 and is now administered by ProAg. Jonathan had been a strong supporter of 4-H and FFA providing opportunities for students to participate who otherwise may not have had an opportunity. Jonathan had an unmistakable passion for rural communities and for the rural way of life.
~  1 or more $1,000 scholarship(s)
~ Attend BLHS, BOLD, Cedar Mountain, GFW, RCW, Redwood Area, YME or  but need not be a resident of Renville County or be a home schooled resident of Renville County.
~ Plan to attend College (2 or 4 yr Schools)
~ Preference will be given to applicants pursuing an education in agriculture,  crop, livestock or related ag field.
~ Selection is based on academic aptitude, vocational promise, personal attributes and leadership qualities. Added consideration for those who demonstrate activities in 4-H ,FFA, and leadership.

2018 Scholarship Application

Students who wish to apply for any of the Pro Ag administered scholarships and AFA scholarship may complete just the AFA application online version  at:
This will fulfill the application requirements to be considered for all the scholarships.

The applications are due March 14,  2018 for all scholarships.

4 - The AFA scholarship is for a student pursuing post-secondary education for careers in agriculture. Application requirements are the same as above (Renville County Resident, attending one of the schools or home schooled) with an intent in pursuing agriculture related field. A face to face interview will also be coordinated in early April.
An online application must be used at

AFA scholarship application finalists will be invited to a personal interview with the scholarship committee

You must use the online application if you will be applying for a National AFA Scholarships.

AFA Scholarship Application

ProAg is collaborating with Agriculture Future of America (AFA) to support an agricultural
scholarship program. AFA is a 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to helping support higher
education and leader development of future agriculture producers and rural business
leaders. Founded in 1996, AFA works to create partnerships in rural communities where
agribusinesses, educational institutions, government agencies, associations and individuals
raise funds for agriculture scholarships and promote leader development.

This AFA scholarship is $4,200. $3,200 is an academic scholarship to your college of choice and
$1,000 is for your registration at the AFA Leaders Conference in Kansas City, MO. Nov.  2016.

If you have questions about these scholarships opportunities please feel free to contact
ProAg Chair David Scheibel at 320-579-0442
AFA Alumni Joel Mathiowetz at 507-430-8336

The ProAg Scholarship Selection Committee consists of:

Neal Prokosch
Doug Olinger
David Scheibel
Joel Mathiowetz
Dan Edwards
Lisa Roker
Jim Boersma

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