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Renewable Energy Conf 07

Renewable Energy Conference:
Wind Energy & Cellulosic Ethanol

February 8th-9th, 2007         Max’s Grill - Olivia, MN

Presented By: Renville County HRA/EDA & Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)

Do you want to learn more about wind energy?
Would you like to learn more about community wind projects and how we can put
projects together here in Renville County?
Are you interested in knowing who to contact for assistance and what resources are available?
Do you want to know how to tap into the grid and what is being planned to handle
additional electrical loads?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please plan to attend the Renewable Energy Conference…
We have a great line-up of speakers on a wide variety of topics!
Wind Energy Meeting Speakers & Topics
8:00 am - 4:30 pm Thursday, February 8th, 2007

1) Putting Together a Wind Project, Mike Reese, WCROC
2) Wind Resource Assessment, Steve Wagner, USDA ARS
3) Transmission and Permitting, Andrew Falk
4) Putting Together a Small Wind Project,
Dave Pederson, Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center
5) Construction & Costs of Small Wind Projects,
David Winkelman, Winkelman’s Environmentally Responsible Construction
6) C-BED, Models of Wind Farms, Q&A Session,
Dan Juhl, DanMar & Associates, Inc.
7) Community Wind Development Models, including
Karen Anderson, American Sustainable Energy CouncilRenewable
8) Incentives: USDA Farm Bill, Lisa Noty, USDA
9) Renewable Energy Federal Level Incentives,
Toni Merdan, Congressman Collin Peterson’s Office

West Central CERTs Meeting
Speakers & Topics
8:00 am - 12:30 pm Friday, February 9th, 2007

1) Ethanol and Cellulosic Ethanol Overview
Bill Lee, CVEC - Invited
2) Cellulosic Ethanol Options and Trade-Offs
Greg Cuomo, UMORE Park
3) PANEL: Federal and State Policy Drivers for Cellulosic
Ethanol Development – Current and Potential

Tom Meium, Congressman Collin Peterson’s Office
Matt Ketelsen, Senator Norm Coleman’s Office
Ralph Groschen, Minnesota Department of Agriculture - Invited
Stacy Miller, Minnesota State Energy Office
4) Looking Ahead: Cellulosic Fuel Technologies
Ted Aulich, UND EERC

For more information or a copy of our brochure with complete agenda contact Stefanie at 320-523-3837 or
Registration Form
Renewable Energy Conference 2007          February 8-9, 2007
Registration Fees and Deadlines:
    The registration fee is $25 per person for the Wind Energy
    Meeting on Thursday. Friday’s Cellulosic Ethanol CERTs
     Meeting is free to attend. The registration fee includes
    lunches and break services.
Seating is limited - Please register early!

Attendee Information:

To register for the Renewable Energy Conference, please fill out
the following information and mail to the following address:
Renville County HRA/EDA
c/o Renewable Energy Conference
500 E. DePue Avenue
Olivia, MN 56277

Please enclose a $25 check made payable to “Renville County HRA/EDA”

Name: ________________________________________




What are you most interested in taking away from this conference?

   Check here if you plan to attend only the day of February 8th .
   Check here is you plan to attend only the day of February 9th.
   Check here if you plan on attending both February 8th & 9th.

Your name and contact information will be listed on a list of
attendees. If you do not want to be listed, please check here.

Hotel accommodations are available at the Sheep Shedde Inn and can be made by calling 320-523-5000.
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