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AFA 2014 Scholarships

Agriculture Future of America Scholarship (AFA) Renville County was well represented at the Agriculture Future of America, AFA, annual Leaders conference held in Kansas City, MO this past November. The two scholar winner’s mentioned below and returning to attend additional tracks were Jean Rosenau from YME and Crystal Marlo from BLH.

The funds raised from the All Ag Celebration sponsored 2 AFA scholarships and then matched by AFA. The scholarship is $3,200 to the student’s school and $1,000 to attend the AFA Leaders conference. We plan to select a Renville County senior who is pursuing a degree in agriculture again for 2014. We also plan to award scholarships to area seniors – please pass the word and encourage all to apply.

Comments from 2013 AFA Scholar Winners;

Hey Joel!
Well to start off I, of course, loved everything about AFA! I won't lie, I was very nervous before hand trying to figure
out what I had gotten myself into, but when I got there it was incredible!
Having people that work directly in the Ag industry working the young adults that are going to be working with them
in the Ag industry is one of the best ideas anyone's ever had in my opinion. I loved hearing their personal and
professional opinions on everything from formatting a resume to how important taking a minor really is. Having the
panel discussion about consumer problems gave me a lot of insight and even some ideas. Every presenter also
emphasized on the importance of networking, which has in fact caused me to increase the networking that I do.
I do have to say my overall favorite part was the personality surveys that we took ahead of time and then they
gave us the results at the conference to analyze. It was incredible to see how my graph of my personality matched
line for line with that of a sales representative. This was very reassuring to me because the presenter of this
information explained the content very well and emphasized how important it is to find the right fit. This helped to
reassure that I was heading down the right path.
The speakers were all so motivational and inspiring! They made me realize that I actually do have the ability to
change the world of agriculture and in turn, change the world. Getting to hear Temple Grandin was definitely
inspiring to every young adult in that crowd!
Overall, I am extremely satisfied! I learned so much and I can not wait to go back next year! It was the best
experience I have ever had!
Be sure to thank everyone back home for me! I could not have had this amazing opportunity if it wasn't for you
guys that believed in me!
On a side note, I took the intern job with ADM! Wish me luck!!
Thank you for everything!!!
Jeanne Rosenau

2014 Jean Rosenau Thank You Email

Thank you for selecting me with the AFA scholarship. I have also been awarded an opportunity through the UofM
vet school that overlaps the AFA Leaders Conference. AFA and I agreed to shelf this scholarship until next year
when I plan to attend the AFA Leaders Conference. Thanks again.
Crysal Marlo

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