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Ag & Renewable Energy

Ag & Renewable Energy Committee
of the Renville County HRA/EDA

The economic strength and vitality of Renville County begins with you, our business people and entrepreneurs. As a committee we’d like to acknowledge and thank our leaders and innovators for their hard work and dedication. Our mission is to strengthen  Renville County by fostering and facilitating your vision of business growth and development. The Ag/R.E. Committee of Renville County is committed to expanding & enhancing the agriculture and renewable energy possibilities in Renville county.

Let the Ag/R.E. committee stand next to you on your next project!

The agriculture and Renewable Energy Committee of Renville County was formed in December of 2006. As a committee we are a diverse cross section of professionals from all areas of agriculture and renewable energy. We understand first hand that agriculture and renewable energy is the cornerstone of Renville County.  We also know the importance of educating our youth, businesses and citizens.  As a committee we collaborate with various businesses, schools, groups and the public to enhance this understanding and stress the importance of agriculture and renewable energy by providing our youth, businesses and citizens with the education, referrals and resources they are looking for.

We are here to serve you!

Ag & Renewable Energy
Committee Members:

Blair Anderson, Fairfax
Barb Frank, Danube
Gerry Kodet, Renville
Lisa Lanning, Olivia
Brad Nere, Danube
Joe Sullivan, Morton

                  Renville County HRA/EDA                         Ag/R.E. Committee of Renville County

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