ProAg of Renville County

ProAg is a non-profit organization that is
committed to finding the balance between
farmer, neighbor and consumer. This, we believe can be achieved by supporting and encouraging farmers while educating and making the general public aware of the important role that agriculture plays in our lives.

We are all, in some way affected daily by the industry of agriculture. The broad representation
of agriculture on the ProAg board improves the
organization’s understanding of all aspects involved with agriculture. Whether you are a grower, ag retailer, downtown merchant,  student, educational staff, pastoral or social counselor, or any other resident of our County, young or old please consider the importance of
your commitment to work with ProAg. Together we can create a positive effect on agriculture,the lifeline of rural Minnesota.

It is the goal of ProAg to develop a foundation of education and information in agriculture that will secure the future of agriculture communities. Our strategic initiatives will continue to be improved upon as the strength of our organization grows through active membership by individuals such as you.

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