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ProAg of Renville County is happy to announce scholarship funding opportunities to the Annual Scholarships for Renville County high school seniors that are made available by ProAg of Renville County, The Ag Renewable Energy Committee of the Renville County Housing and Economic Development Authority and the generous donations to the Renville County All Ag Celebration. This is your opportunity to make a donation directly to the scholarship account in a number of ways.


_____  I would like to make a donation to the general scholarship account. These include the

Two $250 to $500 scholarships per school (14 total scholarships) to students from BLHS, BOLD, Cedar Mountain, GFW, RCW, Redwood Area, YME for students who live in Renville County. Students who are attending another High School but live in Renville County will also receive consideration. This account also includes a county wide scholarship of $500 to $1,000 with a preference to those who plan to pursue Ag Related Careers but is open to all Renville County students regardless of career choice.


_____  I would like to make a donation to the Agriculture Future of America (AFA) Scholarship .

The $2,500 locally funded amount is for a student pursuing post-secondary education for careers in agriculture. Application requirements are the same as above with an intent in pursuing agriculture related field. The total AFA scholarship is $4,200. $3,200 is an academic scholarship to the student’s college of choice and $1,000 is for registration at the AFA Leaders Conference in Kansas City, MO.


_____  I would like to make a donation to the $1,000 Jonathon Roker Memorial Scholarship.

The memorial scholarship was originally provided and funded by the Bird Island – Lake Lillian Class of 79 and is now administered by ProAg. Jonathon and his family had been strong supporters of 4-H, and FFA working with funding provided from the All Ag Celebration to provide opportunities to youth in raising hogs and show them at the fair.

These funds are kept in a dedicated account and will only be used for this scholarship.


Enclosed is my $______________ donation made payable to ProAg of Renville County for the scholarship(s) accounts chosen above.

Mail to:   ProAg of Renville County

               P.O. Box 73

               Olivia, MN 56277


Please provide your contact information so that a receipt can be provided to you.


Name ______________________________________________


Address ____________________________________________


City  _____________________  State ___________  Zip ______



Phone _______________________    Email ______________________________

Printable PDF File of Scholarship Funding Opportunities


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